Witter Ranch’s Blue Thumb Garden Party

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Witter Ranch residents will try their hand at sustainable landscaping techniques Nov. 5 in one of their neighbor’s yards.
The Blue Thumb Neighbors team will create an action plan for transforming one ornamental planting area with beautiful, low-water use plants and upgrading sprinkler heads in one turf area. Team instructors, participants and volunteers will then dig in and implement those plans during the “Garden Party.”
The Garden Party will include both instruction and hands-on practices including:
  • Soil and Soil Amendments: Discuss soil health, use of compost and how the site was prepared
  • Hydrozones, Plants and Planting: Identify the garden’s hydrozones, review the landscape design plan and plant list, learn how to properly space plants based upon mature size and install plants and trees
  • Efficient Garden Watering (planting bed): Match selected plants to the irrigation method, review scheduling, maintenance and proper emitter placement
  • Efficient Garden Watering (turf): Practice how to replace older sprinklers with efficient rotary nozzles
  • Mulch Magic: Learn about the proper application of mulch, including the correct depth and distance from plants, and then apply mulch to the garden
The Nov. 5 workshop is meant for Witter Ranch residents and Blue Thumb Neighbors participants. It will be held 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 2942 Chateau Montelena Way, in Natomas.
Participants should bring chairs, gardening clothes that can get dirty, Blue Thumb garden gloves, hats and sunscreen, shovel and hand trowel.
To sign up, contact Christine Kohn, Blue Thumb Neighbors program coordinator at (916) 944-1631 or via e-mail.

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