NP3 Hosts International Students

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Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School is hosting 11 foreign exchange students from all around the world for  the 2011-2012 school year.
The NP3 community has welcomed these exchange students into classrooms and their homes.

“NP3 is already known for its great diversity and this bigger addition of foreign exchange students is something to celebrate, as our students and staff are able to experience other cultures as well,” principal Tom Rutten said.

“It is an incredible feeling to have such an amazing program at our school.” -Principal Tom Rutten

Parents and teachers from the Natomas community agree the foreign exchange student program is a great way for participants to learn the English language and about the American lifestyle.
High school students at NP3 said the program helps them learn about different cultures by befriending kids their own age from other countries.
“I like the sports, the English language, and the people here in America,” said Gustavo Toledo de Freitas, a senior from Brazil.”
Most of this year’s foreign exchange students will study in Natomas for five to 10 months and have said they are very excited about their time here. (A field trip to Yosemite has been a favorite.)
Alejandra Lugilde Crende, a 16-year-old from Spain, hopes to learn the language so she can be more independent when meeting new people.
“I really like the teachers and my new friends, and the subjects here are also quite cool,” said Anna Sabatzki, a visiting sophomore.
While attending NP3, the foreign exchange students are required to take a full schedule of classes. Many of them are enrolled in English and history classes as well as Spanish, a law class, and other standard subjects.
The students may also participate in clubs and sports. Gustavo, for example, plays on the Inderkum High School varsity boy’s soccer team.

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