AcaDeca Fundraiser Raises $2,000+

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
The Inderkum Academic Decathlon received a check for $2,980 from its Ford Drive One 4 UR School fundraiser held Sept. 10 in conjunction with Downtown Ford.
The money raised will be used to help pay entrance Academic Decathlon fees and for club T-shirts.
“We’re so thankful to Scott Ikesaki and his team from Downtown Ford for supplying the cars and helping us to make this happen,” daid Jessica Downing, mathematics teacher. “We’d also like to thank Scott Pitts and the leadership students for drumming up support, plus the North Natomas library staff who came out to participate during their breaks and let us post signs for the event.”
The Carrillo, Gonik and Prasad families also helped with the fund-raiser, Downing said.
“I am so proud to say that … the parents and I spent most of the day standing back and watching the students run the event in such a professional way,” she added. “They were willing to do anything necessary to make it a successful fundraiser.”
Publisher’s Note: Student photographer Aaron Chen won the poster/program art competition three years ago.

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