Natomas I-5 Overpass Project Finished

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz 
Construction at the Interstate 5 and Del Paso Road interchange officially finished yesterday when the traffic signals went operational.
Work on the road overpass project started more than a year ago in August 2010.
The project is meant to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety at the busy interchange with the installation of traffic signals at the off-ramps, widening the ramps and eliminating a high speed, free right turn lane at the northbound off-ramp. Ramp metering devices have been installed at the southbound on-ramps to control traffic entering I-5 during the morning commute, but are not yet operating. Caltrans will determine when the metering lights will be activated.
The project is also designed to improve overall pedestrian safety at the intersection where a middle school student was hit by a car and killed five years ago. Pedestrian islands were added to shorten the distance for pedestrians crossing the ramps. Street lights at the on-and off-ramps are also part of the project.
Caltrans owns the overpass, but it is the city’s responsibility to maintain it. Design and construction cost $4.3 million funded by the North Natomas Finance Plan.

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