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When other teenagers are sleeping away their Saturday mornings in October, Jantel Wells won’t be among them.
Wells will be the one getting out of bed early to work as a Girl Scouts volunteer by helping prepare food and serve breakfast to more than 600 people in need at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. As the current reigning Miss Natomas, Wells is no stranger to commitment, community service and dedication.
The Natomas resident recently served as a Girl Scout camp counselor at Camp Menzies. There, Wells showed off her babysitting skills and long-time commitment to the Girl Scouts organization. A Girl Scout since 2002, Wells volunteers for numerous community service projects, leader meetings, and projects throughout the region. She also runs her own successful babysitting business and volunteers as a childcare aide.
If Girl Scouts and babysitting commitments weren’t enough to keep Wells busy, she also keeps busy as president and co-founder of the Environmental Club at Natomas High School, a member of JROTC and “Lights of Tomorrow” representative as the current Miss Natomas. Lights of Tomorrow requires its members to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to community service while maintaining a solid academic grade point average – which Wells takes very seriously.
Wells is currently a sophomore in the Natomas Science Academy at Natomas High School. This go-getter plans to attend college at UC Davis and study engineering and hopes to become a chef one day.

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  1. I know this stunning, giving, brilliant young lady first hand. And she is a prime example of youth having the ability to stay on track -and that not all young people aimlessly shift shift their goals. Here almost two years past the writing of the above article, she has widened her community scope and futhered her engineering and culinary interests. The only things that have changed? She is ever more intelligent and aware — and has widened her scope of potential colleges. Whichever learning institution admits her will be making a major commitment to adding a soul that will impact not only their immediate student body – but dare I say society at large. I’m obviously, inordinately proud of her – she is a long time friend’s daughter. But, once you
    meet her – you will know you are in the presence of sheer future.

    Don Reed
    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    Reediculous Media Productions

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