Road Work To Start In Natomas

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

Street resurfacing work is scheduled to start next week in the Natomas neighborhood west of the Northgate corridor.

Nine arterial segments along with numerous streets in four neighborhoods are part of the city Department of Transportation’s $1.2 million maintenance program this year. After South Natomas streets are complete, work will move to Land Park, the Tahoe Park vicinity, and finally, the south Sacramento area near the end of September. 

The city tries to resurface every street about once every 10 years to maintain road quality. Streets will receive one of three types of resurfacing depending upon the street condition.

A tentative schedule will be posted weekly here. The schedule is subject to change.

Residents will be notified via a door hanger of upcoming work three to five days before the street is due to be resurfaced. Before and after the actual resurfacing, work crews may be seen performing other work on the street.

There may be minor traffic delays in the area. No vehicles will be allowed on the street during the resurfacing process and street will be closed for a portion of the day.

In most cases, work is expected to take place 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. A few exception will see work crews out on weekends.

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