Police Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect

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Sacramento police have arrested 31-year-old Keith Wright for a sexual assault and home invasion robbery in Natomas.
On August 21 at about 2 a.m. officers responded to a home invasion call at Homecoming Apartments, at 4800 Kokomo Drive. Officers believe the suspect entered the residence through an unlocked door and robbed the victim at gunpoint. Sometime during the robbery, the suspect sexually assaulted the victim.

“In spite of huge cutbacks in our police department, including the crime scene investigation unit, Sacramento police officers have arrested a suspect in the recent home invasion, sexual assault crime from North Natomas,” Councilwoman Angelique Ashby said. “The hard work and dedication of the officers across many units has resulted in a tremendous outcome for our community. I am grateful to the officers who are working incredibly hard to keep us safe.”

There were two prior home invasion robberies with similar circumstances that occurred in the Natomas area.  Detectives believed these robberies were connected to the Kokomo incident based their similarities. Investigators developed information that Wright was a possible suspect based on follow-up of stolen property from the prior robberies. 

Using information that Wright was a possible suspect, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Crime Lab expedited DNA analysis of evidence obtained from the Kokomo scene and submitted the results to the Department of Justice’s national DNA database of criminal offenders (CODIS).  A search of CODIS by the Department of Justice DNA laboratory provided probable cause for the arrest Wright.  Wright’s DNA was on file from a previous felony arrest.
At 10:30 p.m. last night, officers located Wright near San Juan Road and Duckhorn Drive. He was arrested without incident.

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