Richards Off-ramp Work To Start

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The City of Sacramento is set to start a $10 million dollar project to widen both freeway off-ramps at Interstate 5 and Richards Boulevard.

Work is scheduled to start the week of July 11 and will include improvements to Richards Boulevard, Bercut Drive and Jibboom Street the week of July 11. Construction is expected to be complete by in fall 2012.

Department of Transportation officials say road work will take place 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. The project will consist of widening Richards Boulevard with two additional lanes within the interchange; widening the southbound off-ramp and northbound off-ramp by adding one lane to each ramp; extending Bercut Drive south into the Railyards and adding bike lanes and sidewalks with planter strips to Bercut and Jibboom.

During construction, motorists can expect delays due to intermittent lane closures. Construction truck traffic is also anticipated. All businesses including hotels on Jibboom Street will remain open during construction.

The project aims to relieve existing traffic congestion and improve traffic circulation as Railyards and Township 9 development get underway. When finished, the backups that currently occur on Richards Boulevard as traffic waits to turn left onto the southbound on-ramp is expected to ease and the length of time traffic is sitting on off-ramps will be reduced.

The Richards Boulevard project is also expected to improve alternative modes of transportation, such as mass transit, biking, and walking by constructing bus stops, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways. Click the project webpage and project fact sheet for more information.

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