For A Good Cause: NickelAid

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
Bring your reusable bags to Raley’s or Bel Air and help the California and Nevada State Parks Foundations.
Every time you reuse a bag Raley’s will make a charitable donation on your behalf of 5 cents per bag up to $100,000 annually.
This money will be better invested back into our communities through our partnership with with California and Nevada State Parks Foundations to help preserve several parks currently targeted for closure. -Raley’s website
NickelAid, launched earlier this month, redirects the previous 5-cent customer discount for reusable bags. Store officials said customers asked their credits be donated to a worthy cause.
Customers can bring in any type of bag: reusable bags, paper bags or plastic bags — whatever is handy. Check the bottom of your receipt to see that you’ve helped donate.
A Raley’s store is located on Natomas Boulevard and Bel Air stores can be found on Arena Boulevard and West El Camino Avenue. The Food Source store on Elkhorn Boulevard in Rio Linda is also participating in NickelAid.

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