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“Natomas has seen its share of controversy around the posting of political signs in the the neighborhood. If I read the city ordinance correctly, the Kings “Be Heard” and Sacramento police and fire “Protect Sacramento” signs are illegal. Am I correct? And, if so, will these code violations be enforced?” -Reader via e-mail

Michelle Kille, Director of Public Policy, Councilmember Angelique Ashby, District One answers:
The signs your reader is referencing, “Be Heard” and “Protect Sacramento” signs are not considered illegal per City ordinance. Since they are not advocating a candidate for public office, nor are they advocating for or against any measures on an election ballot, they are not considered “political” or “campaign” signs.
These signs are considered to be “Temporary Signs” which pertain to drives or events of [a] civic organization (Sacramento City Code 15.148.600 (I)). If they are this type of sign, then they are exempt from the sign ordinance, but must follow certain regulations, specifically: the signs must be placed on private property and may not be over 4 square feet.
These signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way or on public property (such as any curb, sidewalk, pole, electrolier, hydrant, bridge, tree, etc). Should a sign be placed on any public property or public thoroughfare, they can be removed as per Sacramento City Code 15.48.630, regardless of the type of sign they are.


  1. Anonymous says

    These signs are STREET SPAM. Just like the spam on your computer they are all over the place and are a nuisance. There are even the flashing/moving ones like on the Internet, but they are called sign spinners and are standing at many of the area intersections. I saw five of them at the same at Del Paso and Truxel a few weeks back. I propose a grassroots effort to change the ordinance and more highly regulate these signs (which become blowing litter when a strong wind blows). How about a group called CUSS, or Clean Up Street Spam?

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