Unions Oppose Natomas School Board

Two groups of Natomas Unified School District employees today announced they have no confidence in the sitting school board.

Both Natomas Teachers’ Association and California School Employee Association Chapter No. 745 members participated in and overwhelmingly favored the “no confidence” vote.

In a statement released by the Natomas Teachers’ Association, leadership described the vote as “the most clear and forceful way” union members could express their unhappiness with the board. Despite employee concessions, union leaders called into question several recent decisions by the Natomas school board. Employees, union leaders said, have no faith the sitting board can oversee the district which has struggled financially for more than three years.
School board president Bruce Roberts admitted all district employees are feeling the pain of state cuts to school funding which have led to increased class sizes, reduced services and the elimination of programs.

“These cuts hurt kids and are being felt in the community,” said Roberts. “A vote of no confidence needs to be directed toward our state legislature who have cut student funding … and forced the districts to make the hard decisions that they lack the will to do themselves.”


  1. Anonymous says

    No Bruce, the no confidence is directed right at you and the rest of the Board who do not know how to manage finances!

    Not only are the kids suffering, but so are the employees.

    What would happen Bruce if your salary was cut and you kept spending the same in your household? Same concept for the work place! You don’t keep spending and then bleed the employees of their pay. We have kids too at home! They may not go to NUSD, but our kids are suffering too!

    I can’t take my child to swimming lessons anymore or piano lessons, or gymnastics. Heck Bruce, I can’t afford to purchase many clothes for her since these cuts and you want me to take MORE???? Because you can’t say NO MORE SPENDING???

    You have a “freeze committee” that is useless!!! You don’t say “NO” to a darn thing…you all just sign it and say okay it is a legit purchase. This is approved even by SCOE – who doesn’t know how to manage funds either!

    We have a VP at Natomas High that can’t even spend $40.00 on a necessary part so someone doesn’t throw their back out, but you approve the purchase of a $600.00 lap top so the guy can walk around using his computer instead of ducking into any classroom to log into a PC…and he can log into any one! Talk about useless spending!!!

    Look in the mirror Bruce…the finger is pointing back at YOU!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Bruce and his buddies may be hiding something from the general public that just might seal any doubt about the “no confidence” vote.

    Open the books. Truth has a way of coming out sooner or later.

    We voted for you to oversee Natomas school district.

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m all for free speech, and getting your point across. It would be nice however, if you are going to be so hostile that you at least do your target a favor and give your name. I will.

    Tristan Godt

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