Thieves Steal Natomas Copper Wire

Sacramento city officials seek the community’s help to stop the theft of valuable copper from street lights and traffic signals.
Several thousand feet of copper wire have been stolen from street lights and traffic signals throughout the city. The rise of thefts are in line with an increase recycled copper prices.
Copper wire thefts have occurred all hours of the day and night. The most recent and hardest hit areas are the north Natomas neighborhoods – specifically those with fewer residents.
The community is asked to watch for suspicious activity near street lights and intersections. A white pick-up truck with the City of Sacramento seal on it and workers with City identification badges are present when repairs are legitimate. If someone is seen working on the wire of street lights or traffic signals, and a marked city vehicle is not present, call the police.
The replacement cost for the wire has reached $30,000 to date for 2011 (compared to $25,000 for the entire year of 2007). This amount does not include labor and other associated costs, putting the total value of losses at close to $60,000, another strain of the city’s limited budget.
The Sacramento Police Department and the Department of Transportation warn residents to watch for any unusual activity and call the police if necessary. 

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