You Asked, We Got The Answer

“…I shop at the Inderkum market, however, this past week I noticed a decline in the number of vendors. Is there a specific reason for this? Will they return this Saturday? I hope so because this location is closer than going to Watt/Butano.” 

Certified Farmers’ Markets answers:
“It has been a tough spring for farmers with the late rain and hail. Some of our farmers actually sold out early since they did not have that much harvest to bring at this time. In addition, two of our largest farms (Lagorio Bros. and J & J Ramos) both had truck breakdowns on the way to that market.”
“We are actively recruiting additional farmers to invest in that location. We should have three more new farmers this Saturday and hopefully the two large farms that were absent last week will be in attendance.”
“It is a mutual investment for both farmers and the community when building a market into a large and vibrant event. As the summer progresses the season will bring more farmers and their harvested products. We hope the season also brings a corresponding and sufficient number of the community shoppers to make the farmer’s trip worthwhile.”
“It only gets better if there is that mutual investment. Thank you for your and your neighbor’s part in that process.” 

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