Seen In Natomas: Free Ticket To Ride

Lawn signs like this one alerted Natomas Crossing residents of a new door-hanger campaign by the North Natomas Transportation Management Association for Regional Transit.
A select group of 2,500 residences in two specific locations were chosen to receive a free daily transit pass to be used one day over a two-week period in April. The passes were delivered to Natomas Crossing homes and the apartment complexes directly on Natomas Boulevard, north of North Bend, on Monday.

The areas were selected in part because of their convenient location to the Route 11 bus.
“This is our first time doing anything like this, we hope we will see a bump in RT ridership and will be keeping close track of the numbers this month to assess the interest of residents,” said Sarah Janus,  NNTMA program coordinator. “We want to raise awareness, as well, of public transit available in the area.” 

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