Meet The New District One Staff

Councilwoman Angelique Ashby took office in November and brought with her a brand-new support staff to the District One office. Here’s a look at Ashby’s team, their roles and when to get in touch. 
Brandon Black is the Youth Advisory Committee Coordinator for District One. Black, who graduated from Inderkum High School in 2010, was an active member of Ashby’s Youth Advisory Committee during her campaign. He is a part-time employee and juggles everything from parks and schools meetings to scheduling. Black says he looks forward to “representing a voice for youth in District One.” Call him if you’re a young person interested in volunteering or getting involved in District One activities in general. (916) 808-5848 or [email protected].

Sarah Novo is Director of Constituent Affairs for District One. Novo worked in the city’s Code Enforcement Division until she was laid off due to budget cuts last year. Shortly after Ashby won the city council seat in June 2010, Novo committed to joining the District One team. Novo says she’s looking forward to helping “create a collaborative environment where residents feel like they are being heard and represented.” Get in touch with Novo when you need a liaison between the council and community. (916) 808-7167 or [email protected].
Michelle Kille is Director of Public Policy for District One. Kille worked for Lewis Planned Communities and with Ashby to negotiate opening the Natomas Police & Community Resource Center in the Town Center Shopping Center. Kille says she is looking forward to “helping make this city and District One better.” Call her if there is an ordinance or policy that needs clarification or attention. (916) 808-7339 or [email protected].


  1. What a great team! I have worked with both Sarah and Michelle in the past. They know how to get the job done.


  2. Anonymous says

    Brandon Black is a great supervisor! He make’s everything so interesting and helps the Youth get involved in their community. I have gone to many events being in his Youth Advisory Committee and have learned so much from them!

    -Y.A.C. Member (2010-2011)

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