Race For Second Natomas School Board Seat Narrows

At 12:58 a.m. with 49 out of 49 precincts reporting, incumbent Teri Burns’ lead, with 19.54 percent of the vote, over newcomer Ryan Herche, with 19.49 percent of the vote, had narrowed reflecting an apparent close race for the second Natomas school board seat. At press time, only eight votes separated the two candidates.

Results for the Natomas Unified School District race are not expected be final for some time, according to Sacramento County elections spokesman Brad Buyse.

“Because of the Senate District 1 canvass period, Natomas Unified will not see an update after election night, until the week of November 15,” he said.

Click here for more information from Buyse on final ballot counts for Natomas school board and other races.


  1. Buzz,
    It is disappointing a bit to see that your commentary focuses on the horse-race for the second seat and makes almost no mention of the impressive victory of Trustee Lisa Kaplan. To review, Ms. Kaplan has been on a school board ballot twice now and both times has been the number one vote getter. Furthermore, in last night’s well turned out election contest, she won re-election by over 1250 votes, a significant number considering the large candidate field and the amount of independent expenditure dollars likely spent on behalf of another candidate.

    The messages heard during this campaign were clear, the district is broken and needs strong leadership. The voters also spoke loudly and said they believe that Ms. Kaplan, the only board member to vote against the phony budgets presented by the district, IS that strong and decisive leadership that we need.

  2. Mr. Lipton,

    Perhaps you should take a minute to read ALL of our election-night coverage? The previous post CLEARLY reports Ms. Kaplan secured a seat on the Natomas school board – we even have a quote from her.

    The Buzz

  3. Buzz,

    Thanks for pointing out your other coverage. I missed that this morning and I stand corrected about your coverage. Thanks for being so balanced in covering this race and for your efforts to bring the the issues to Natomas.

  4. It’s what we strive for, Mr. Lipton. Thank you for your loyal readership.


  5. I found the 10,000 undervotes the most disheartening news. People went to the ballot box and didn’t vote. That is discouraging as we look for ways to direct the NUSD board to do better by our students.

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