Natomas School Board Race Still Too Close To Call

Candidates Burns & Herche
Still Vying For Second Seat

The race for Natomas school board now favors incumbent B. Teri Burns, but Sacramento County election officials say they are not done counting ballots.

Nearly two weeks after the general election, today’s updated vote tallies show Burns has squeaked ahead of newcomer Ryan Herche and now leads the race for a seat on the Natomas Unified school board by 40 votes.

“It is just a ride roller coaster ride that won’t be over until its over and continues to make the point that every vote counts,” said Burns.

Sacramento County elections spokesperson Brad Buyse said this afternoon 8,774 provisional ballots remain to be processed. It is unknown how many of those ballots will count toward the Natomas school board race, he said.

“The race is still really close,” said Herche. “We have to wait for all the votes to be counted.”
Candidates Burns and Herche will have to wait until Thursday, when the next election update is expected sometime after 5 p.m.
“I am still optimistic,” Herche said.

Incumbent Lisa Kaplan secured her place on the Natomas Unified school board for another four years earning more than 28 percent of the votes cast.

Winner of the second seat remained unclear on election night with only eight votes separating Burns and Herche in the early mornings hours of Nov. 3. The numbers remained stagnant until a Nov. 12 update which showed Herche ahead of Burns by a mere 3 votes.

Six candidates in all ran for two seats on the school board. Candidate Patricia Adams holds in fourth behind Burns and Herche with 11.4 percent of the vote, followed by H.K. Allen with 10.33 percent and C.E. “Celeste” White with 9.9 percent.

Countywide, voter turnout was over 59 percent but thousands of votes did not count in the local school board race with more than 14,000 Natomas voters choose only one – or no – candidate at all at the polls. (Each voter was allowed two votes in this school board race.)

In a race this close, the 38 people whose votes were not counted – because they submitted more than two choices in the school board race – could have made a difference.

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