Natomas Cares: Resident Runs For Cancer Research

Natomas resident Melissa Butler got tired of hearing about so many people getting cancer, she decided to do something about it.

This weekend Butler will be running the California International Marathon in Sacramento to raise money for the American Cancer Institute for Cancer Research.
“This will be my fifth time running this race, but this year has a special motivating factor for me – I am doing this in honor of my mom that was diagnosed with liver cancer this year, and is awaiting a liver transplant,” says Butler. “I will be running this race, not only for my mom, but for all of those struggling with different cancers. For me, this will serve as an extra motivating factor during my training, and that final 26 mile long race.”
The American Institute for Cancer Research funds cutting-edge research looking for ways to prevent and fight cancer. The organization also supports research that helps those fighting cancer, and cancer survivors, keep and regain their health during and after treatment.
“So many of us know someone with cancer, and also know the feeling of helplessness with not being able to do anything for them, especially if they don’t live close by,” says Butler. “This is my way of doing something, so if you or your family has at all been touched by cancer, I ask that you please help by supporting me as I run for Team AICR, my mom, and all those still struggling with cancer.”
To donate, and support Butler’s run this weekend, click here.

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