Natomas Car Windows Damaged By BB Gun Vandals

More than one dozen cars were damaged by BB guns pellets over the weekend in North Natomas, causing an estimated $20,000 to $30,000 in damages.
“Less damage is done in the average bank robbery,” said Matt Carroll, vice president of operations for Paladin Private Security.
Paladin patrols noted the first vandalized vehicle at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. In all, Paladin officers found or received reports of 13 damaged vehicles. Vandals shot out windows on two vehicles on Crest, two on North Bend, three on Fredericksburg, one on Baines, one on Clayton, one on Mabry, one on Danbrook, one on Minden, and one on Kokomo.

“None of the incidents involved any property taken from the vehicles,” said Carroll. “In talking to all the homeowners, no one seemed to have a suspect description.”
The private security company recovered one, loose BB pellet from the vehicle on Crest Drive. The majority of the vehicles damaged over the weekend were parked on the street.
“This is an easy crime to commit,” Carroll said. “When the BB strikes the glass, the suspects are already gone.”
Paladin also received reports of BB-gun damage the previous weekend on Oct. 30. That night, windows were broken on one vehicle parked on Menard and one parked on Mabry.
Carroll said victims of the vandalism should file a report with Sac PD.
Paladin is asking anyone of surveillance of the incidents contact them (916) 331-3175.

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