Burns Wins Second Natomas School Board Seat

In the end, only 20 votes separated school board veteran B. Teri Burns and newcomer Ryan Herche.
Burns won the second Natomas Unified school board seat with 4,258 votes to Herche’s 4,238 votes bringing to an end what has been a roller coaster race since election night.

“There are no more votes left to be counted,” said Brad Buyse, Sacramento County elections spokesman. County officials expect to certify election results as early as tomorrow afternoon.

Incumbent Lisa Kaplan was re-elected with ease claiming more than 28 percent of the votes on Nov. 2. The second seat winner remained in question until the last provisional votes were counted today.

“I respect the will of the voters,” said Herche, who plans to stay involved in the Natomas school district.  “I congratulate Lisa and Teri and wish them the best in their next term.”
Burns was not available for comment at press time.


  1. How can there be change and reform at the district if there’s no change and reform of the board that runs the district?

  2. It’s called state receivership, unfortunately.


  3. That’s a great question, Sharward!

  4. Amen, it’s sad when I see so many of our community members talking at change, but not willing to actually change.

    These are the people who led us down this path. The same ones who kept overspending for years, and did nothing, but our community just reelects them.

    We don’t deserve local control when this is what we do with it. Receivership is what we deserve.

  5. These are the same Board members that have made the bad choices. If the community doesn’t want state receivership then they should have thought about that when they went to vote.

    New blood is new ways…old blood is the same ol way…and nothing changes.

  6. Wow…I’m so glad that other readers feel the same way. It’s so disappointing.

  7. Sable Reyes says

    We need change. Not all people seem to understand that.

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