**Seen In Natomas: Why So Trashy?**

Taken at the intersection of Natomas Crossing Drive and Cashaw Road at the intersection of Airport Road. Everything from old computers to furniture and appliances. So sad to see illegal dumping like this in our neighborhood. **From the sounds of it, city workers frequently receive reports about and clean up this trouble spot. If you see someone dumping trash illegally, call the city operator at 3-1-1 or the Sac PD non-emergency line at (916) 264-5471.**


  1. I ride my bike past this spot a couple of times a week for the past two years. There is always new trash dumped here. It must be a know drop site.

  2. I put in a request to have it cleaned up on Sept 1. It was dark when I drove by and it looked like several matresses so I think this is a new batch.

  3. What’s the point of posting photos of blight on this site?

    Is it to highlight a problem to put pressure on the city to address the issue?

    I submit calling 3-1-1 or sending email to [email protected] would be far more productive.

    The text with the photo doesn’t even indicate what one should do or whether any such thing was done in this case.

    Thumbs down!

  4. I really appreciate how The Sacramento Bee handled this story — problem solved, situation explained, tips to residents on how to catch the bad guys, and a recommendation for all of us to avoid unlicensed junk haulers.

  5. 311 was called. City did nothing. It wasn’t until the Buzz posted this pick that the city took no action. The city knows this is a regular dump spot which may explain its slow response.

    So, I agree let’s call 311 first. If that doesn’t work call the Buzz.

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