Seen In Natomas: Time For A Change?



  1. I am not an “I told you you so” type of person, but this looks like an “I told you so!” moment. Graffiti is graffiti. It is an eyesore to Natomas and not the image I want visitors to remember when they visit our community.

  2. The road to graffiti and blight is paved with good intentions.

  3. I think this is great, I see it’s a large canvas for people to express themselves. Graffiti is art, people! Open your minds and get over yourself.

  4. Whether graffiti is art or not, THAT is a MESS and has no place in our community.

  5. Natomas is a diverse community; you don’t live in your own box. I think this structure was created for this purpose (self-expression). This type of art form goes back to the beginning of time. Would you rather they deface private property? I personally hate when I find some gibberish tagged up on my wood fence. It’s a complex situation but as more graffiti art is being recognized in galleries around the world, we do need to try. They have to start somewhere, I rather it be here than my home.

  6. The issue is that people who tag houses, fences, etc aren’t going to stop just because they have a giant book to paint now. A lot of graffiti happens because gangs are marking their territory or doing it *because* of the fact its illegal. I’m all for expressionism and love the idea behind the book but I don’t like that just anyone can come up at anytime and create a giant mess like it looks now. That doesn’t look nice at all but there is plenty of “graffiti” that is beautiful and would look wonderful on that book. I think that, since the book is a part of the library, any artwork should have to be drawn up and approved by the library first and should be left up for a minimum of 2 weeks for people to enjoy so we don’t end up with the mess that’s there now.

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