Seen In Natomas: La Bou Closes Its Doors

The La Bou restaurant in South Natomas closed for business permanently earlier this week. The closure marks the end of an era for the longtime business, known by many as the “original” Natomas community center. The La Bou restaurant in North Natomas closed earlier this year.


  1. How sad! This place was booming whenever I happened to be in the area to see it. What happened? I’ll miss having the live music on the weekends. Adieu, La Bou.

  2. That’s too bad . . . . wasn’t the library originally located in that shopping center?

  3. As a former fellow long term tenant in the “Pink” Plaza, we had already missed the Mary and Gene days and “the original Natomas Community Center”. Lack of vagrancy and tresspassing enforcement in the adjacent park and in front of the businesses spell further doom to the center.

  4. This is sad. It was my first introduction to La Bou 9 years ago. They are still one of my favorite places to eat. Thank God the Howe Ave place is booming.

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