Seen In Natomas: The Circus Has Come To Town

Tradition continued today with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus elephants making their annual trek from the train tracks near Northgate Boulevard down Del Paso Road to Arco Arena where they will perform Sept. 9-12.


  1. The only exercise those poor elephants get is when they unload them from boxcars and walk them on asphalt through towns. Wild elephants are migratory animals, known to walk up to 120 miles in a day. Ringling’s trial defense when they were accused of abusing endangered animals was to say they were excluded since their elephants were born in captivity. That was just one legal trial Ringling has been involved in. There is ample undercover video footage and photos that shows Ringling beats animals. The sad irony is that most circus-goers love the animals, but don’t know the truth about how the animals are treated. Please show your love of elephants by NOT attending circuses that use animals. Better yet, join the protests at the Sacramento Ringling Bros shows. Meet at the box office an hour before showtime (or Google for more info.)

  2. I’m so disappointed that you chose to advertise animal abuse. These poor creatures get little affection, exercise, or mental stimulation other than being trained to do stupid tricks for clueless people. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health, but the inspectors aren’t looking at that. Sad, sad, sad business.

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