Library "One Book Sacramento" Programs In Natomas

As the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, the Sacramento Public Library has named the book Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers, as the book selected for the 2010 One Book Sacramento: Connecting Our Communities project.

Zeitoun is a true account of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a successful Muslim-American painting contractor, who stays in New Orleans to protect his property and help his neighbors while his family flees during Hurricane Katrina.

After the storm, the book’s central character travels the flooded city in a secondhand canoe rescuing neighbors, caring for abandoned pets, and distributing fresh water. However, Zeitoun is wrongly arrested and is accused of being a member of al-Qaida and sees that his race and culture may explain his predicament. The book addresses thought-provoking views on social and cultural issues in our society.

Community members will be encouraged to read Zeitoun and attend the numerous One Book Sacramento events which are listed here. For more One Book Sacramento information, please call the Sacramento public Library at (916) 264-2920 or visit>

(For adults) Store Your Memories in the Clouds>
Learn how to store family photos and important documents in an online computer resource which is safer than in a shoebox or photo album. “The Cloud” refers to storing computer information and images on the World Wide Web.>
· September 8, Wednesday, 7 p.m.: North Natomas Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento
(For school age children, ages 5 to 12) Mardi Gras Mask Making with ArtWorks>
· September 30, Thursday, 4 p.m.: South Natomas Library, 2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento

(For adults) Zeitoun book discussions>

Join other community members for an exchange of comments and views of Dave Eggers’ fascinating and true-account book at any of these Sacramento Public Library locations:>
· September 21, Tuesday, 6 p.m.: South Natomas Library, 2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento
· October 28, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.: North Natomas Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento

(For families) Safety Fair>

Celebrate National Emergency Preparedness Month at a Safety Fair, cosponsored by the Sacramento Office of Emergency Services. Find life-saving information to help prepare for natural disasters and home emergencies.>
· September 18, Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.: North Natomas Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento

(For teens) Writing Workshop with ArtWorks: Simple Acts of Kindness>

Create a scroll book that proclaims something you’d like to do in your daily life to help others or to address injustice. It could be a simple act of kindness or ways to add creativity to each day. Special papers, paints, gel pens, ribbons, and collage materials will be available to create the book.>
· October 14, Thursday, 4 p.m.: North Natomas Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento

Book Club in a Bag>

Start your own Zeitoun book discussion group with Book Club in a Bag. Each bag contains eight copies of the book, discussion questions, and discussion leader tips. Everything you need to help you run your own book discussion group! You may request a Book Club in a Bag at any Sacramento Public Library location.>>>

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