Progress Made On North Natomas Bike Path Repairs

The North Natomas Transportation Management Association has been working with Sac city officials to complete and maintain bike paths.
One project already complete: re-striping of the San Juan Overpass. This long-awaited project makes the overpass safer for those who cross it. Bikes now have their own lane and the number of auto lanes have decreased without disruption to traffic flow.
“Since this crossing leads those who cycle in North Natomas to South Natomas and into downtown, this project was paramount in the NNTMA’s Connectivity Project,” said Becky Heieck, North Natomas TMA executive director.

Resealing and general clean-up of the bike trail behind Tuscaro Apartments on Truxel Road is well under way. This bike path’s severe cracks have been a safety problem for cyclists. Since the path connects north and south Natomas, the TMA has advocated its maintenance.
“As of today, city crews have already eradicated the weeds and are ahead of schedule this week in filling the cracks and resealing the trail,” Heieck said Thursday. “It appears that this project could be completed early next week.”
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