For The Family: Natomas Mother’s Group Fun


The Natomas Mother’s Group last week held its monthly art day where participants, like those pictured here, made sand paintings. In addition to art days, the group holds monthly children’s outings, moms’ nights out, playgroups, and park days.
The Natomas Mothers’ Group meets 9:30 a.m. Mondays at Jefferson Park. Meetings are open to those interested in learning more about the group. Click here to visit their page on Facebook.


  1. Natomas Mother’s Group is an amazing resource to mother’s and the entire community. We’ve been doing regular activities with them since my son was 2 months old (more than 4 years ago). It’s been a sanity saver for me, helped our family develop great friendships, and helped me become more active in our community!

  2. I have to echo everything Stacy said! NMG has been a life savor for me and I wouldn’t trade the wonderful friendships I have made for the world. I love how active we are with the community too.

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