Breaking News: Farmers Market Coming To Natomas!

THE NATOMAS BUZZ has confirmed a certified farmer’s market will open on August 14 in Natomas.

After months of negotiations with several property owners, including the Promenade shopping center, officials have secured the Inderkum High School parking lot for a Saturday-morning farmers’ market. Farmers are currently being recruited to sell their farm-fresh produce at the new market which will be held 9 a.m. to noon weekly.

“We already have a few really great farms that have committed and I am sure we will get some more to get this successfully started,” said Dan Best of Certified Farmers’ Markets of Sacramento.
Once the community shows support via their patronage, Best said more farmers will want to come to Natomas.  
“It will be helpful in our building process to have a strong showing right from the beginning and continuing up to the last day of the market,” he added.
If successful this season, the market would resume in May. Officials have not ruled out the possibility of a year-round farmers’ market in Natomas.


  1. I am so excited this is finally coming to Natomas I am doing the happy dance in my cubicle!

  2. fantastic news!!!! can’t wait!

  3. glad to see we are finally gettng a farmers market. Would like to see it in a nicer setting than a parking lot. Check out the Davis Farmers Market. Maybe that is something we can incorporate into the regional park, near the dog park. We could be the place to be….

  4. Love it! It was so sad when the one at Natomas High went away. Will be there every weekend

  5. This is great news! Hopefully it will be well attended so more and more farmers want to participate.

  6. YES, YES, YES! Someone is a “happy camper”! Together, let’s support this great event and keep it going! Yea Natomas!!! You all have a blessed day, and cya Saturday morning!
    – M&M and the peanut crew! ;o)

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