North Natomas To Pay For Miscalculated Taxes

Sac city officials are in the process of correcting tax levies that will mean unexpected bills for some North Natomas homeowners.

As early as tomorrow, area homeowners can expect official notice of the special tax error in an envelope from the city with an extra red label which reads: “OFFICIAL BUSINESS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PROPERTY.”

The errors occurred in the levy of special taxes for 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 on certain properties within North Natomas. The affected area, known as CFD 4, is a Mello-Roos bond district that levies taxes to repay debt issued to construct drainage facilities.

A total of 1,182 parcels are affected, with 107 overpaying and 1,075 underpaying during the two years. The city will refund those who overpaid. A total of $1.3 million is owed by those homeowners who received incorrect bills.

The 92 property owners who underpaid, who owe $400 or more, and who are not deliquent will have three repayment options including paying over the next two years without interest or penalties. Homeowners who owe have a limited time frame during which they can choose which payment option they prefer.

City officials say they discovered the errors in time to levy the 2009/2010 taxes correctly. To prevent similar errors in the future, the Finance Department has implemented a new process that maps county tax records to their geographic location, allowing a match with the correct tax area.

The city plans to continue to run audits to ensure the error does not happen again. Letters were mailed today and homeowners can expect them as early as tomorrow or Monday.

Click here to see a copy of the letter being mailed by the city. Call (800) 676-7516 for more info.


  1. I couldn’t find any information on the assessor’s website. Is there any way to find out more on this?

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  3. You can view a copy of the letter being mailed at

    Call (800) 676-7516 for more info.

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