For A Good Cause: With A Little Help From Friends

Both Natomas libraries get by with a little help from their friends – Friends of the Library volunteers, that is!
When library funding got cut in half, so, too, did the library’s ability to offer free programs to the community.
“Our job, in the past, has been to pay for programs that were not covered by the library or for objects and items that the library did not have in their budget,” said Nancy Christ, North Natomas Friends treasurer. 

For example, the North Natomas Friends have:
  • Made $3,000 selling donated books and donated $2,250 toward library programming and events.
  • Purchased a heavy-duty die cut machine for library bulletin board displays and projects.
  • Purchased two five-gallon beverage containers for library events.
  • Purchased a one-year subscription to The New York Times for use by library patrons.
  • Donated books to neighborhood schools, including NP3 and ARC.
  • Plans to purchase floor mats for Toddler Time in the community room.
  • Holds monthly Natomas Book Club meetings.
“We couldn’t have done this without the support of the Natomas community through their book donations, their volunteer hours (we have over 50 community members, from both North and South Natomas and beyond, who donate time to the book store and the library), and by buying the books we sell in the Friends’ Store,” said Christ.

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