Natomas District Squashes Middle School Rumors

Rumors that Natomas Middle School students will mingle with H. Allen Hight Elementary School students when school starts August 10 are reportedly just that – rumors.
According to Natomas Unified School District officials, there are no plans for middle school students to occupy elementary classrooms at the H. Allen Hight Learning Center which houses two schools on North Park Drive in Natomas.

Apparently, an unauthorized message sent by the elementary school’s administration to parent leaders fueled the rumor mill flames which spurred a letter-writing campaign to the district school board members in protest.
A telephone message from Howard Kornblum, Interim Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, apologized for the communication error. In a message to THE NATOMAS BUZZ, the superintendent’s office confirmed Natomas Middle School has enough space to accommodate all the 7th and 8th graders expected in fall.

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