News Schools Chief Announced For Natomas

The veil of secrecy surrounding the Natomas Unified School District’s search for a new leader lifted today when Bobbie Plough was introduced to employees as the new superintendent.

Natomas school board officials are expected to vote tonight to finalize a three-year contract with Plough and officially announce her appointment to the post. If approved, Plough would become the district’s first woman superindent since unification in 1991.

“One of the strongest things about this candidate is her breadth of experience in so many areas,” Natomas school board president B. Teri Burns told THE NATOMAS BUZZ. “She fits so many things we are looking for in a new superintendent.”

Plough had been meeting with interim Superintendent General Davie Jr. all morning prior to being introduced today to employees at the district offices.

Plough last week announced plans to leave her superintendent post at the Romoland School District in Southern California. Plough’s husband frequently works as a consultant in the Sacramento area and she has family living nearby.

Romoland is a K-8 school district with a diverse population – both ethinically and economically – of about 3,000 students. Out of 23 Riverside County school districts, Romoland was one of only five attaining Adequate Yearly Progress in 2009.

“I am looking forward to meeting her and getting started on working together to achieve new heights here in the Natomas Unified School District,” said Natomas teachers’ union president Cynthia Connell.

If her appointment is approved tonight, Plough would begin working at the Natomas Unified School District on July 19. She replaces Steve Farrar who retired in November. Former superintendent General Davie Jr. has served as interim superintendent during the search.

More information about Plough will be posted to the school district website pending the outcome of tonight’s meeting.


  1. Anonymous says

    She looks pretty intelligent, hopefully she can handle the unions, poor test results, rough kids demoralizing schools and causing havac. High truancy and drop out rates. Thousands of parents unhappy with schools and trying to enter the charter system, only to be denied. I bet she won’t last 3 years.

  2. Anonymous says

    I thought I read somewhere that her salary was like $400,000 . . . that’s the same amount they said would be saved by closing an elementary school. Is the superintendent’s job really that important? I am sure there are a TON of qualified candidates willing to take the job for MUCH less pay. I say we hire Molly Ibietatorremendia as the new Superintendant. SHe’d do a great job and I bet would accept much less than $400k.

  3. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…who wrote that?!?! I don’t want to be Superintendant, I just want to do PTSA…for now! Thank you for the vote of confidence though!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    $400,000??? Why not break up the position into 2 separate jobs and offer $120,000 and bring some teachers back that are being laid off. $400k seems way too much…what are they the President???

  5. It is our understanding the salary is $175,000/year.

  6. Anonymous says

    Her salary is actually $175,000. I know that still seems like a lot, but we are looking for a quality leader. I am actually very pleased with the public schools my kids are attending. I am not beating down the door to get into the charter schools.

  7. I just wanted to let you ALL know how lucky you are to have Bobbie Plough as your new superintendent. She is an amazing leader. I have been a teacher for 16 years. 10 years in San Diego City School and then in Romoland. Romoland School District was falling apart until Bobbie stepped in.. She is caring, easy to talk to, Friendly, and brilliant. I am so sad to see her leave. I have always felt that she truly cares about the teachers and supported us to do our best for our kids and families. Enjoy and appreciate her. You won’t be disappointed. She is worth every penny your district can spend. Good luck to all of you.

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