Natomas Announces 2010 Teachers Of The Year

The Natomas Unified School District last week announced its 2010 Teachers of the Year who represent the “best of the best” of district teaching staff. 
Linda Pugh, Natomas Park Elementary School teacher of the year, has been selected the district’s overall teacher of the year and will represent the Natomas Unified School District in the Sacramento County competition.
Other educators recognized as teachers of the year at their school sites include: Kevin Duval, American Lakes Elementary; Teri Slingerland, Bannon Creek Elementary; Marcia Blanke, H. Allen Hight Elementary; Courtnay Kaump, Jefferson Elementary; Sandra Asimos, Two Rivers Elementary; Roxanne Benadorm-Ramierez, Witter Ranch Elementary; Darcy Pacheco, Heron School; Charles King, Leroy F. Greene Middle; Arcy DeVera, Natomas Middle; Kristie Dornan, Inderkum High; and Nancy Kidd, Natomas High.


  1. Anonymous says

    Ms. Devera got her pink slip from Natomas Middle School. How sad that the school’s teacher of the year was laid off. I wish her success in another position. She will be missed.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ms. Carlson, teacher of the year in Natomas Unified got laid off as well. It seems like seniority should not be the only measure of a good teacher.

  3. Anonymous says

    Ms. Dornan from Inderkum, too. The pink slips are devastating to our schools.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ms. Gilman, Heron’s teacher of the year two years ago was laid off, too.


  1. […] Kidd said she moved to California in 2001 and taught health education at Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas. She later taught health education and Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, at Natomas High School from 2007 until she was laid off by the Natomas Unified School District in 2010 — just days after being recognized as the school’s teacher of the year. […]

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