District One Candidate’s Forum This Week



  1. Is this at The Club At Natomas Park?

  2. Yes, it is!

  3. Anonymous says

    Will non members be admitted?

  4. Yes. Per the flier: This event is open to the public.

  5. Anonymous says

    I guess my only concern would be the moderator. As long as the publisher of the buzz has no official affiliation with any of the candidates, then I’m sure it will be fine.

  6. Anonymous says

    I believe the Buzz support Ms Ashby

  7. Anonymous says

    Is this fair then? Do the other two candidates know this? I mean, if a candidate’s supporter is going to actually be the moderator, I guess it would be only fair for them to announce that prior to opening the debate…that way, people realize there is a bia, if not seemingly conflict of interest…

  8. For the record, the NATOMAS BUZZ currently does not endorse political candidates.

  9. Anonymous says

    Well, that’s comforting, but does the person who publishes NATOMAS BUZZ endorse or support a candidate? Can the publisher answer that? If so, that should be expressed by the moderator before the forum starts.

  10. C’mon people… The way these things are structured usually call for the same questions being asked of all candidates in random order and questions are typically submitted by attendees, so there’s little opportunity for preferential or negative treatment, and attendees are bright enough to smell a rat if there is one.

    Do you really think Brandy is going to let whatever personal opinions she has of the candidates steer the forum to some kind of preferred outcome? What do you want from her — an oath of some sort?

    The candidates are all adults and I’m sure they can handle themselves — otherwise, they have no business running in the first place.

    Even judges when considering jurors for a trial allow for personal feelings and opinions — what matters is whether those feelings and opinions can be set aside in the course of the trial so that an impartial consideration of the evidence can take place.

    I am sure Brandy will put whatever personal feelings she may have aside and let the attendees of the forum decide which candidates they prefer in an even-handed manner.

  11. Anonymous says

    If I can chime in on this – I think it would be fair if the person who were to moderate was above reproach, and could NOT be accused of any bias. I don’t think anyone is accusing Brandy of anything, but it does seem odd that she as a homeowner is moderating it, and not Tristan or any of our other elected officers of NPMA.

    the “Come on, people” attitude in the previous post assumes that everyone acts like adults and that no one thinks that bias really ever happens – if that were the case, we would not have neutral parties ever having to moderate any public forum.

    Simple as this – Whether Brandy would care to admit it, she IS, in some ways, a public figure in our small community, as publisher of the Natomas Buzz. it also has already been stated on here that she DOES support one candidate over the other. Though I expect the candidates to be ‘adult’ enough to deal with a moderator who supports only one of them, I also expect us as a mature community to expect a MORE FAIR way of forum moderation. As Kieth did say, we are all adults, right?

  12. Anonymous says

    If you want to see video of a non-biased Sacramento City Council District One forum, held over the weekend and facilitated by Sacramento County League of Women Voters, here you go.

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