Crime Stats Continue To Drop In Parts Of Natomas

Statistics released yesterday by Sac PD show crime numbers dropped in several categories last month in parts of North and South Natomas while the Northgate/ Gardenland area continues to report an increase in crime in nearly all areas.

The statistics, provided by police Capt. Daniel Hahn, are preliminary numbers comparing crime in April 2010 to April 2009 and are meant to help identify crime trends in the area.

In North Natomas, residential burglaries went down 74 percent while business burglaries continued to decline the fourth month in a row down 50 percent. Both vehicle break-ins and car theft were down, 10 percent and 12 percent respectively.
South Natomas crime stats were also promising with residential burglary down 27 percent, car break-ins down 43 percent and vehicle theft down 26 percent. The number of robberies remained the same – three – compared to last year.

In North Natomas robbery incidents were up 200 percent, and in South Natomas business burglary increased 300 percent, from previous year.

In the Northgate/Gardenland neighborhood, residential burglaries (66 percent), business burglaries (33 percent), vehicle break ins (12 percent) and robbery (100 percent) incidents were up. The number of stolen cars – 8 – stayed the same compared to last year.

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