Suspects Caught in Home Invasion Murder


Sac PD has arrested two suspects responsible for the murder of 26-year-old Salvador Heredia-Arriaga.

On March 26 officers responded to a call to the River Pointe Apartment complex in South Natomas. When officers arrived to the scene, they found Heredia-Arriaga with a gun shot wound. He was later declared dead at the scene by Sacramento Fire Dept. personnel.

Homicide detectives and Crime Scene Investigators believe two armed suspects entered the apartment to commit a home invasion having targeted the residence due to sales of marijuana from the location. Heredia-Arriaga arrived at the apartment to visit friends, interrupted the home invasion in progress, was shot and killed by the suspects.

Based on forensic evidence and information obtained during the investigation, detectives believe 20-year-old Maurice Reed Jr. and a 17-year-old male were responsible for the crime.

Union City Police officers and Sacramento Police detectives located Reed in Union City on April 21 and he was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit. Detectives later located and took into custody the 17-year-old male suspect near Watt/Whitney Avenue.

Both suspects have been arrested for murder and home invasion. 



  1. Anonymous says

    I wonder if these are the same 2 knuckleheads that shot at my house during an attempted home invasion in January!? Whats almost as infuriating is the fact I haven’t heard from the police since the night…..

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