New North Natomas Firestation To Break Ground



  1. Anonymous says

    This is a tremendous boon for our community as a whole, and for those of us on the west side of I-5 who will have much shorter response times now. Thank you to Mr. Tretheway and Ms. Matsui. I haven’t always been a Tretheway fan, but I assume I’m in the right when I give him some credit here.

    Does anyone know which corner ( of the El Centro/Arena intersection it’s being built on?

  2. Anonymous says

    Geez, it’s about freaking time!!!

    I’m glad it’s coming, but what the heck took so long)? Why didn’t the city build it sooner?

  3. Anonymous says

    They didn’t uild it soon because they took the moey that they had planned for it and spent it on other projets. The city views the Fire Department as a nuisance rather than a priority.

  4. Anonymous says

    The new fire station will be on the northwest corner of El Centro and Area.

    A major reason for the delay was the whole Federal flood protection requirements. That puts the breaks on all Natomas developments until the levees are at a 100 year protection. This fire station was built with some exceptions to this but also had to fit a number of requirements not normally needed.

  5. Now how about a police station.

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