Natomas To Give Errand Share Test Spin

Natomas is the first community to try out a new cell phone app called social erranding.
The concept is pretty simple and if you’ve ever asked a roommate or friend if they needed anything from the store, you’re halfway there. Social erranding, or “Errand Share,” combines the power of social media and a newly developed cell phone app to enhance convenience and flexibility.
The new app allows you to interact with a group of friends while at the store with one text – helping them out with an errand and helping to reduce congestion and pollution on our roads. Errand Share can also assist parents in a bind – helping secure safe transportation options for kids when a parent is running late.
Sound interesting? Sign up to receive more information at  Errand Share is a program of the North Natomas Transportation Management Association.


  1. I think this errand share program is a wonderful idea. I am from Chicago and was told about your site by a mutual friend. I really like your blog!

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