Natomas Home Burlgaries Lowest In Six Years

Reports of both residential burglary and car thefts are down, but robberies are still on the rise in Natomas.
According to statistics released by Sacramento police Capt. Daniel Hahn, reports of residential burglaries and stolen vehicles in all three Natomas police beats are at their lowest since before 2004. Robberies reported between Jan. 1 and March 31, however, were at the highest since 2007.
“The robberies were significantly higher in the beginning of this year, but recently they have started to come back down,” Hahn said. “This is very good news on some of these crime categories, but by working together we can make them go down even more – which is what makes our neighborhoods safer.”

Here is a look at Natomas crime stats for March:
Patrol Beat 1A (North Natomas)
  • Residential Burglaries went down 28% (21 to 15). Down 2 of the first 3 months of this year.
  • Business Burglaries went down 62% (8 to 3). Down every month this year.
  • Vehicle Buglaries went down 29% (37 to 26). Down every month this year.
  • Stolen cars went down 26% (30 to 22). Down every month this year.
  • Robberies (unspecified) went up 200% (2 to 6). Up the last 2 months.

Patrol Beat 1B (South Natomas)
  • Residential burglaries went down 46% (15 to 8). Down 2 months in a row.
  • Business Burglaries went down 40% (5 to 3).
  • Vehicle burglaries went up 83% (18 to 33).
  • Stolen cars went up 33% (24 to 32). The first month reports went up this year.
  • Robberies (unspecified) went up 75% (4 to 7).

Patrol Beat 1C (Northgate/Gardenland)
  • Residential burglaries went down 44% (9 to 5)
  • Business burglaries went down 75% (4 to 1).
  • Vehicle burglaries went up 6% (16 to 17). First month reports went up this year.
  • Stolen cars went up 160% (10 to 26). Second month in a row reports went up.
  • Robberies (unspecified) went down 80% (5 to 1). First month reports went down this year.
Added Hahn, “Keep up the good work of calling in all suspicious Activity and looking out for your neighborhood. Be relentless!”

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