On Stage In Natomas: One Voice


Last year, 10 educators from Natomas Charter School traveled to Turkey and created a relationship between students here and the Turkish students in Nidge. Both sets of kids were interviewed on camera to find out what they felt were their most important core values.
After each group saw the other’s interviews they discovered that they had many common values. The students have chosen eight they will artistically illustrate on stage. 

One Voice is an original live performance featuring high school students from Natomas Charter School, Performing and Fine Arts Academy and students from Sungurbey Academy in Nidge, Turkey.

An original blending of Middle Eastern and Western music, arts, dance and theatre, One Voice will artistically illustrate themes that explore and promote insight and understanding of the human condition across all ethnicities.

This project is supported by the Pacifica Institute, BAKIAD and by the Natomas Arts and Education Foundation which have common missions to promote cultural awareness, peace and understanding among people of different nations.

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