North Natomas Library Exceeds Expectations

The first month the North Natomas library branch has been open, circulation reached 42,012 – about four times the number recorded at its previous location.
Councilmember Ray Tretheway’s office reports the library is used most by teens and families with young children. Large-print book circulation is also significant.
The library has conducted 44 class tours to more than 1,500 students including elementary schools, Inderkum High School, and American River College. Library programs have also brought 842 people.


  1. Uncle Doreen says

    Since there has been such an interest in the new library is there any plan to extend the library hours to include Saturday? Under the current schedule many people who work the “9-5” are not able to use it during the week. I have resorted to requesting my books online, running in to pull them from the reserved section, scan check them out and dashing out before they close. I know I would appreciate at least 4 hours on Saturdays. Only 4 of the 27 libraries in the Sacramento Public Library system are closed on Saturday.

  2. Anonymous says

    I echo the above comment. It is not a success to those of us that work 8-5. Extended evening hours do little. After work it is time for dinner and bedtime. I would love to share the experience with my young children. I am glad the high schoolers are beenfiting from the library, but come consideration needs to be shown for the workers who tax dollars paid for the library. Is four hours on Saturday too much to ask?

  3. Uncle Doreen says

    Natomasbuzz… Do you know what we can do to get the hours changed? If it is a matter of budget perhaps close on Monday and open Saturday.

  4. Anonymous says

    If you haven’t been to the library yet, please check it out. It is a tremendous community focal point! Now we need to get that regional park built out, and to encourage that the commercial lot between the library and Safeway contains walkable, community-friendly retail/restaurants.

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