For A Good Cause: We Were Flocked!

THE BUZZ returned home last night from a meeting to find a flock of green flamingos adorning our front lawn.

The birds may have looked like a St. Patrick’s Day prank, but are really part of a Team Lymphoma’s fundraiser as part of the Natomas Relay for Life.

The birds came with a note:

You’ve been flocked by a green flamingos pair,
Who have flown across the miles to visit us by air.
To send a message of courage and hope,
And to help those affected by cancer to cope.

You’ve been selected to help further the journey of our two birds,
It’s so easy, you just need to say a few words.
Like, “Send them on to our friends,
Where they’ll get flocked and pay dividends.”

The Team Lymphoma Flamingo Removal Group provided their services for a small fee (which supports Natomas Relay for Life), but we opted to pay a little more to have the birds relocated to someone else’s yard.
Watch out, it may be you!

To get more info, or to flock someone, send a message here. Check out photos from others who have been flocked on Facebook here.

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