Where In Natomas?


  1. The new North Natomas Library!

  2. It is the Joker’s (from Batman and Robin) new lair located in the new North Natomas Library.

  3. Hey Buzz,

    Speaking of the library, what about a story on public access. The hours of operation are very limited. Especially if you work 8-5. the library isn’t even open on the weekend. Most other northern branch are at least open a few hours on Sat. I am glad the library will serve the college and high school, but how about the working public whose tax dollars built the place. BTW, the library is closed right now, but you couldn’t tell it from the parking lot. I anticipate trouble finding a spot on a day the library actually is open.

  4. That’s my wife’s favorite feature of the new North Natomas Library.

  5. May I suggest that if you don’t like the Library hours,days, parking,etc YOU call the Library to complain. The more who get involved and speak up, the greater the chance of change.

  6. It is open in the evening a couple days a week also.

  7. The action plan for the NUSD Board.

  8. BAS- How do you know that I haven’t called to complain? Putting “you” in all capitals is unnecessary. I was merely commenting on the hours so maybe others in the community may tell the library they would like it to be open for a few hours on Saturday.

  9. The photo is of the help desk at the new North Natomas Library branch.

    Photo by http://PhreePhotographer.COM

    If folks have indeed contacted the library and/or city about the current hours of operation, THE BUZZ would be interested to hear what kind of response(s) you got at [email protected].

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