"School Of Rock" Meets "In The Band"

A local church has announced plans to offer a unique experience for musically talented teens in the Natomas area.

The Gathering will offer a series of music workshops for 12- to 18-year-olds who want to learn to play in a band setting. They are calling it “In the Band.”

The four workshop sessions will culminate in a performance on March 21 during a 10 a.m. a worship service of The Gathering at Regal Cinema in Natomas.

Workshops and rehearsals will be lead by the talented Jeff Galindo, 2009 teacher of the year for Natomas Middle School. Galindo currently teaches beginning band, orchestra, choir, guitar, and advanced band as well as the after school Jazz Band at Natomas Middle School.

“In the Band” is geared toward teen musicians who can read sheet music or chord charts and are willing to commit to regular rehearsals and a performance.

“Think School of Rock,” explained pastor Ron Vanderwell, referencing a popular movie from 2003. “We want local teens, no matter what their religious background or church attendance, to have a chance to expand their musical talent.” Like in the movie, music is the uniting factor for “In the Band.”

Auditions will be held on Feb. 18 and 19 followed by four workshops on Thursday evenings. Interested parents and teens can find out more by visiting inthebandnatomas.com or calling (916) 203-1835.

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