Correction: Make That Red LOBSTER

THE BUZZ has been informed the consultant working with city officials on the Center Court site represents Red Lobster, not Red Robin as previously reported. Both our source and THE BUZZ regret the error.


  1. Too bad. I’d much rather have a Red Robin than a Red Lobster here. *sigh*

  2. I agree. I’d much rather have a Red Robin. Best burgers ever!

  3. We know, we know.

    But still good news that an eatery is interested in moving INTO Natomas.

  4. Booo! I want Red Robin! I’m not sure we’d ever go to Red Lobster…

  5. Sweet . . . I love Red Lobter.

  6. Another vote for Red Robin, it can be a long drive to Elk Grove.

  7. Woodland is getting a Red Robin right by their Costco. At least that is closer than Elk Grove :)

  8. Now you owe us a Red Robin Buzz.


  9. Now you owe us a Red Robin Buzz.


  10. Sheryl Luoma says

    I’d rather have a Red Robin too. I wouldn’t make the trek to Elk Grove, Woodland, or Roseville for the Red Robins, but I’d make the trek to the location we already have for the Red Lobster (on Howe). Red Robin would get more of my $$ having a restaurant here than Red Lobster would.

  11. Uncle Doreen says

    Red Lobster – Red Robin, I am content as long as eateries are coming rather than leaving I am content.

  12. I’d rather have the seafood next door at Mizu. Red Robin would have been nice.

  13. I would love to see Red Lobster here. We could use a seafood joint. Something that isn’t deep fried. How many burger joints do you need in one neighborhood? I would go to Red Lobster in a heartbeat. Good choices .. and nice atmosphere. A fun place for the grown-ups to enjoy a few hours out. Who in their right mind wants to drive to the Arden area for anything? It is a traffic nightmare!!!

  14. I agree with Uncle Doreen about more eateries. But after reading all of the other comments, perhaps we should extend and invitation to Red Robin too!

  15. Uncle Doreen says

    Ok, if you had your choice of any eatery to take that spot where TGIFridays and Sonic died, what would you want?

  16. I wouldn’t mind having an Olive Garden in our neighborhood… I know there is one in Arden but like someone said above… I tend to avoid that area because of the traffic

  17. How about a Trader Joes. Hey Buzz, Channel 13 news just cited the Buzz as the source of their report that Red Lobster was coming to Natomas. You are big time now.


  18. TRADERS JOES!!! How do we get them interested? Boy, would they do well here in Natomas!

  19. When I was at the Trader Joes in East Sac last weekend they asked me for my zipcode when I was checking out… I hope they are taking a poll of zipcodes to see where they could open a new store… I know if we had a trader joes I definitely would frequent it often!!!

  20. Red Robin was one of the tenants who was signed for the upcoming Natomas Crossing development, which will be located at the southwest corner of Arena Blvd. and East Commerce Way. Unfortunately, all of the tenants in that project have dropped out, except the anchor which is Lowe’s. Lowe’s is hanging in there, but everything is at a standstill due to the de facto building moratorium.

    As for other eateries I’d like to see come into Natomas, I would love to see a Fuddrucker’s, but I know the one in Citrus Heights is struggling right now. Dos Coyotes would be great too.

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