Confused About TV Reports On School Closures?

It’s no wonder…
Inaccurate reporting by CBS 13 ([email protected] ) that the decision is down to two schools when, in fact, there are three on the list: Bannon Creek, Natomas Park E.S. and Jefferson. Among other things, also reporting the meeting was moved to the Natomas High School theater because so many people showed up, when the meeting was planned to be held at that very location in anticipation of public participation.
Fox 40 (,0,293853.story ) says the “district blames the economy on the decision to close a school” when everyone who has been paying attention knows budget cuts are necessary due to ongoing reductions in state education funds. The money simply is not there and more will likely be cut.
And, last but not least, News 10 ( ) reporting the school closure is “not a matter of if, but when” – the closure would be effective for the 2010-2010-11 school year. Also that last night was “the first in a series” of meetings when all school closure criteria meetings were open to the public including two public forums specifically meant to get public input. Also reported that there are “three more public meetings” when there actually will be five, including one at each of the three recommended school sites, a board workshop and March 10 board meeting during which a decision is expected.
These media reports – and some inaccurate e-mails making the rounds – just compound an issue that is already difficult for everyone involved and becoming more and more divisive here in Natomas.


  1. Yeah, I had read some of those stories and was wondering about “misinformation”. Good job on pointing out the inaccuracies and setting the record straight.

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