Updated: Natomas Homicide Investigated

Reports of a large crowd involved in a fight turned deadly last night in Natomas.
The crowd was part of a New Year’s Eve event which police say was taking place at Studio 18 — a dance studio rented for use as a teen night club. An investigation by THE NATOMAS BUZZ found it appears last night’s event was organized by some of the same people who held several illegal night club events in Natomas until  authorities shut them down a year ago.

Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said authorities are investigating whether Studio 18 had the necessary permits to hold a teen party at the site located in the strip mall adjacent to Gold’s Gym.

When Sac PD officers responded to the scene on the 1900 block of Del Paso Road at about 10 p.m. they found a man lying in the parking lot with a gunshot wound(s). Emergency medical personnel pronounced the man dead at the scene. 
The investigation has confirmed a New Year’s Eve event was in progress when a fight broke-out inside the establishment and eventually spilled over into the parking lot. The fight continued in the parking lot at which time the victim was shot. Police describe  participants in the fight as primarily African American males in their 20s.
The Sacramento Police Department’s Homicide Unit and Crime Scene Investigations Unit detectives are actively investigating the circumstances that led up to this murder. The 21-year-old victim’s identity is being withheld at this time pending further investigation and notification of his next-of-kin. 
Detectives are encouraging witnesses present during the fight or when the victim was shot to contact the Police Department. Witnesses can also contact Crime Alert at (916) 443-HELP or text in a tip to 274637 (CRIMES). Enter SACTIP followed by the tip information. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.


  1. Whoah! The same group that organized and hosted the infamous illegal night club in the 700 block of Del Paso Road in the summer of 2008 is back at it again?

    Did they have a license for this event?
    Did they have security?
    Did they notify law enforcement of their plans?

    This is outrageous!!! I realize small businesses are having a hard time right now and need the income, and that there is a shortage of safe and constructive things for teens to do in our area — but the LAST thing our community needs is an irresponsible organization with a track record of breaking our laws and hosting out-of-control parties with patrons having a history of gun violence and civil unrest!!

    Keep up the great work, Buzz — let’s see some NAMES of the parties responsible for this behavior and let’s hold our elected officials responsible for putting a stop to this nonsense ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

  2. Here is Sacramento City Code that governs dance events.

    Promoter and lessee: show us your permit!

    If you don’t have one, then I expect our city attorney’s office to sue you for your actions.

  3. I can give you exact names of this “organization” involved….

    I had no idea they were doing “illegal” operations, but I was a little surprised to see that they moved a party from one venue to another so quickly for this New Year’s Eve celebration…I don’t think you can get event insurance processed and approved that quickly…can you?

    bad times for D.F.E.

  4. Amazing how quickly a business started to teach the arts and enrich the community degenerated into a crime scene.

    It is a shame that too many of our neighbors can’t show respect for this beautiful community that was laid at their feet.

  5. You people need to calm down. Sure, it wasn’t right to throw an illegal party without a license. But what happened in the parking lot had nothing to do with them nor the people hosting the party. They do this for people to have a great time. It’s not their fault people are immature and insecure enough to start a fight over something I’m sure so little. I actually happen to know every single person that is on the flyer and I know for a 100% they had nothing to do with it. The people who started the fight are the ones responsible. Stop making this such a bigger deal than it should be. Let’s focus more on who the SHOOTER was.

  6. Wow. Where is Natomas heading?

  7. I know who all these people are. Dec Yates, Fornati, Kelly Ouji, Mr. Gogglez. They are all well known individuals in sacramento. I never knew these people who happen to organize this event threw “illegal” parties, but what’s the big deal? A piece of paper? Whats the difference for you? And why are you people worried about them. Worry about who started all this and took a young mans life! Instead of wasting your time talking crap. Grow up.

  8. First of all, nobody is suggesting that the organizers of the event are responsible for the homicide at the same level as the shooter, and nobody is accusing them of being the shooter or condoning that behavior. We all hope the shooter is arrested, tried, and brought to justice.

    However, the law is clear: a permit is required for an event such as this. The permit is not merely “a piece of paper” — it is permission granted by our city after certain requirements are proven to be met, including ample security provisions that will keep its patrons and our community safe and to mitigate the drain of our police resources to deal with issues relating to the event.

    It states this clearly in Sacramento City Code, Chapter 5.108 (Entertainment Establishments), Article 1 (General Provisions), section 010 (Purpose and intent): “…it is the purpose of this chapter to regulate the operation of entertainment establishments for the public health, safety and welfare. All permittees will be held responsible for controlling patron conduct in and around the establishments, making adequate provisions for security and crowd control, protecting the city’s youth from criminal activity and minimizing disturbances as a result of the operation of the entertainment.” Read the whole chapter.

    Natomas is full of responsible businesses that comply with our laws. If a permit was not obtained for this event (so far that appears to be the case), then the organizers are in serious trouble and I hope they are held accountable for their lack of regard for our laws.

  9. Anonymous at 7:07 – someone is responsible if they are “hosting” a teen event. Be an adult and take responsibility, instead of making excuses for these people with a poor track record. They set up the situation with poor supervision, obviously. Their fault. Get it?

  10. Give me a break, the above support for the night club promoters sounds as nonsensical as “guns don’t kill people,….”

    The night club and promoters have a responsibility to hold a safe event including ingress and egress.

  11. This is sad. What is this world coming to? People are killing eachother left and right over the stupidest things. We have got to put an end to this NOW! All you people are responsible!!!!!

  12. I cannot fathom why a dance studio is renting their space for a NYE party? I mean logically I get that they are trying to make a few bucks, but you invested so much $ into a nice studio. Those wood floors probably cost about $30,000 if not more. You should not walk on them in street shoes, let alone shoes with dirt, rocks, high heels…all the while sloshing alcohol all over the place. Very sad!

  13. stop the violence says

    It saddens me that one young life was lost, and saddens me even further that people are trying to tar, damage & destroy the life of several young people who sought out to do nothing but put on a New Years Eve celebration for the young adults of Sacramento. I urge those who know anything about the shooting to contact the police ASAP, instead of pointing fingers and trying to play, detective, judge & jury. Until more Info is provided we should wait for facts before we start to form an opinion on who did what wrong or right. Negativity only breeds negativity.

    As for the event promoters & owner of the venue, the news “real news”, stated that the necessary precautions were taken by the venue & SECURITY..the shooting took place outside of the event. According to the previous comments, I guess Golds Gym & the city of Natomas is to blame too. It’s no one’s fault but the shooter.

    RIP to the Victim, & my condolences to his family, friends & loved ones.

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