Natomas Celebrates Opening Of New Library

More than 1,000 people turned out for the grand opening of the new North Natomas Library. The festivities included remarks by several area dignitaries, activities for the children and sales of used books by Friends of the Library. Library staff and volunteers were kept busy directing people and checking out titles. The only complaint THE BUZZ heard? That the library will not normally be open on Saturdays. Click here to purchase photos.


  1. have they said why they won’t be open on saturdays. as a working mom, saturdays are the only days i can bring my child to the library. today we had the greatest time. wish i could bring him more often… however, with the current schedule, i will not be able to.

  2. I attended today’s grand opening and was in attendance for all the speeches.

    BEAUTIFUL facility.

  3. Nice ceremony and what a wonderful library. As for being open on Saturday, the city has no extra money. Maybe someday. But they’re open late some days during the week so people who work weekdays could go then. Outstanding library!

  4. The ceremony was nice and the facility is very impressive indeed!

    I did find interesting that I saw more police and security at that event than I have in the last month in North Natomas. Could it have had something to do with all of the politicians there pating each other on the back.

    Too bad that when they go, so do The Police. Very frustrating.

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