For A Good Cause: Little League Seeks Sponsors

The North Natomas Little League is looking for team sponsors to help support the organization’s upcoming season and keep the league affordable for area families that participate.
The cost is $450 and companies get their name on the back of one team’s jerseys, a banner, advertising on the league’s website and the company name in this years program. Most importantly, business sponsorship helps support the 900 families who participate in the league every year.
For more info, contact George by e-mail.


  1. What’s the deal with, asking for more sponsors AND increasing registration fees (for us last year it was 75.00 per child, this year it’s 125?? That’s a 66% increase. And then they ask us to donate time and more money for additional supplies. Seriously? It’s not affordable to do it all, especially if you have more than two kids. A large amount of the parents of little leaguers in our area are state workers, so this is just another hurdle.

  2. The league has always charged $125 for T-ball for the past few years. The fees actually increase as the children get older because more is spent on their fields, equipment and uniforms. The request posted on the Buzz for sponsorships is intended for local business owners. North Natomas Little League is an all volunteer, non-profit organization and has done a wonderful job of managing its finances. I am sure the NNLL Board would be open to suggestions on how to cut costs especially through increased volunteerism.

  3. Counting Games and Practices your are getting about 50 hours of positive supervised activity for your child which equates to about $2.50 an hour which I would say is still a pretty good deal if you want to get down to dollars and cents.

    So come on out and have some fun!

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