We recently conducted an online survey of our readers asking where we could find the “Best Of…” in the neighborhood. Here is the first installment in a series of posts sharing the results of our 2009 “top spot” awards!

Maestro’s Cafe & Gallery, 2069 Arena Blvd, Suite 130, has a lot going on under one roof. It’s a coffee house, it’s an art gallery, it’s a place people gather on weekends to play chess, and it’s one of the best places to get one fine cup of coffee. Here are some of your comments posted on our Facebook fan page:

“Mastro Coffee House, you name the coffee Sam fixes the best. Try it!” -Dianne M.

“Maestro Coffeehouse makes the best coffee (the chai tea lattes are really good too).” -Melissa B.

“Maestro Coffeehouse is on hit. I usually get the Chai Tea with a shot.” –Martha A.

“Maestros’s! Just had the Chai Tea with a shot this afternoon … Yumm-O!” –
Peggy M.

It’s A Grind, 2731 Del Paso Road, came in a close second with readers citing both the cafe’s Vanilla lattes and Vanilla nut coffee as being buzz worthy!

The Starbucks at 2121 Natomas Crossing Drive came in third earning high praise for their customer service with Peet’s Coffee & Tea (in Raley’s/Bel Air), Panera (on North Freeway and Del Paso Road) and Bella Bru getting honorable mentions for their quality cups of Joe!


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